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Updated: May 15, 2020

FF - Bolo is made of a high-quality breathable rain- and windproof fabric with fidlock details. 

Outer fabric Etaproof fabric (200 g/m2) EtaProof is a development of British traditional performance cotton, extra long staple fibre yarns are gently spun and twisted, then woven into an  extremely dense plain weave cloth. The result is a dense all weather fabric which has a natural touch and comfort with rain and wind protection and  natural breathability that is recognised world wide to be the best of its kind. Hydrostatic head (DIN EN 20811) mm of water column: 720

Inner fabric: Delaunay Red Unique hand block pattern from Jaipur. 100% summer weight cotton.  Traditional hand block and dye techniques are used to make this wonderful rural cloth Glacier black Ikat is a resist dyeing technique where the threads used for weaving are dyed beforehand.  The Ikat threads are bound in a pattern so that the threads  covered by the binding ‘resist’ the dye, creating a design.  The more binding done before weaving, the more complicated the pattern. These are not flaws.  Triangle size 5 x 5cm. Fidlock The fastener manufacturer fidlock revolutionises traditional fastening systems with its worldwide one-of-a-kind technology because the Fidlock Concept is  much more user-friendly than systems from other fasteners manufacturers. With this feature you only need one of your hands to take off the hood, to use the two front pockets or open/close the jacket.

Zippers: YKK AQUAGUARD 5C 2 of the Aquaguard Vislon 5VT -Adjustable hood -Press stud cuffs -Two lower front pockets, fidlock closure-Two big zippered pocket (one of them is devided) -Made in Hungary -Bespoke -Available in the following colors (see the attachment)

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