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Finest Fabrics - Nordreisa anorak - Archive

Updated: May 6, 2020

Nordreisa is a reversible anorak made of Etaproof fabric. Side "A": Red (Etaproof, 200g/sqm) Beige (Etaproof, 200g/sqm) The Kvikk lunsj (getting its name from a popular Norwegian chocolate) zipper pocket with top opening can also be found on side “A”. The pocket divided into three sections was designed to provide enough space for regularly used objects. The size of the smaller pockets placed on the sides match the dimensions of Mamnick - everyday holder. The middle, larger pocket is a perfect place for a Kvikk lunsj chocolate, which we send you as a present, together with the anorak.

An internal pocket is placed in the zipped hand-warming pocket opening from the sides, which can easily provide room for a mobile phone. Side "B" is totally black, made of Etaproof (200g/sqm) fabric. We intended to achieve a simplistic, pure design characterised by the strap covering the zipper. The side pockets can be closed in two steps, this preventing any object falling out of them. Due to the fact that only two pockets are placed on the black side of the anorak, we divided the pockets to a smaller and a larger section for practical utilisation reasons.

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