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Finest Fabrics - Lyngen anorak [1/S] - Archive

Updated: May 15, 2020

[1/S] 1/S is a project, which centers around the introduction of an expanded table of 7 sizes to ensure better fitting. We will manufacture one product in each size. With these limited series we aim to be able to make more special and unique pieces.

EtaProof is a development of British traditional performance cotton, extra long staple fibre yarns are gently spun and twisted, then woven into an extremely dense plain weave cloth. The result is a dense all weather fabric which has a natural touch and comfort with rain and wind protection and natural breathability that is recognised world wide to be the best of its kind.

Lyngen anorak is an extremly limited part of our [1/S] project. We made only one size of each colourway (1/1). - Made of wool and eta proof fabric - Only one side, not reversible - 2 pockets - Made in Hungary

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